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Certificates of Analysis

Our HPLC reports come from several independent sources. For discretionary purposes the facility has been redacted.

Please note that certificates will be updated regularly and if a particular product does not appear on the site is is undergoing periodic testing.

High performance liquid chromatography results provide a condensed record of purity. Expanded assay results are also available.

S-23 FQ221102 30kg (1)
COA of mk-677.pdf
Oct.11.2022 Oct.11.2022 Oct.10.2024
COA of RAD 140.pdf
GVS-111 HPLC assay
COA of mk2866.pdf
COA of LGD4033.pdf
5a-Hydroxy Laxogenin HPLC assay
COA of GW501516.pdf
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