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● Free and lightweight file manager for Windows, macOS and Linux● Search files fast by tags and labels● copy files and folders● supports all popular file systems including the FAT, NTFS, HFS, HFS+, and ext*● create folder● duplicate, move and rename files and folders● rename file or folder● create file, folder● create folder and rename with display rename results● search file by tags or labels and add tags or labels● add tag● remove tag● add, rename, or remove multiple tags● display tags, rename results, or update existing tags● update tags● extract zip, install dmg, install win, install mac, install Linux,● install virtualbox, or convert.odt,.docx● change file attributes● delete file● move files and folders● delete folder● open with● open with● open with alternative● change file extension● view file details● view file size● replace file● get free photos● take screenshots● share files with (● Print a file● Make copies of files● view images● set images as wallpaper● watch internet streaming● open documents● view documents● open links● open or open● open a file● move to a different drive● refresh file explorer● enable or disable system file monitor● compress or extract zip● extract archive files (zip, rar, tar)● extract gzip● unzip● unzip zip● extract 7z● extract rar● extract tar● extract tar.gz● extract● extract tar.xz● extract tar.tbz● extract● extract tbz● extract tbz2● extract tbz3● extract tar.xy● extract● extract zip● extract zipx● open and rename zip archive● open zip archive● extract, extract archive, unzip, unzip archive● open, extract and rename archive● open, extract, rename, and archive● view files details● view file attributes● view file size● open file or browse file● change file extension● view images● open image● change image as background● 08929e5ed8


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