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-improves cardiovascular endurance by 70%

-improves fat loss 

-increases metabolic rate

-improves insulin sensitivity 

-stimulates glucose uptake into muscle 

-increases nitric oxide production for improved pumps  

-analogue of GW-0742 


The singular mark of differentiation from GW-0742 is the absence of concerns pertaining hypertrophy of the heart. GW-501516 was primarily developed to treat obesity, diabetes, lipid strain, and heart health concerns. GW-501516 is grouped n the category of SARMs, however in structure and definition, it is a PPAR modulator. It is considered a strong treatment for obesity and other related conditions. It is a powerful and best selling fat burner.


GW-501516 possesses many beneficial attributes, but it is best known for two major strengths. The endurance benefits that can be obtained with GW-501516 are unmatched. There is a strong reason why it has been banned universally in professional the sports setting It reached particular public notoriety due to its extensive use in cycling.


GW-501516 can drastically improve endurance over extended periods of time by considerably expanding V02 max, allowing for continuous improvements in aerobic capacity.


GW-501516 was originally designed to treat cholesterol issues, and it has a notably beneficial effect on HDL levels. Many other SARMs can cut your HDL levels, so this can ameliorate this issue. While this is a characteristic that should never be forgotten, often it is. This is mainly due to the fact that it is overshadowed by the compound’s capacity for burning fat.


GW is desirable because it has the ability to shed fat rapidly while staying in a non-catabolic state. Much like the benefit that clenbuterol yields as a beta-agonist. GW gives the user the ability to drop fat at a comparable rate, without the same risk posed to the heart.

Triple stack GW-501516

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