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SR-9009 benefits:


-boosts endurance

-reduces anxiety

-reasserts healthy cholesterol levels

-turns off genes responsible for generating new fat cells

-increased fat loss

-increases the number of mitochondria in muscle 

-increases glucose and fatty acid use in muscle 

-reduces inflammation.


GW-0742 benefits:


-improves cardiovascular endurance by 70%

-improves fat loss 

-increases metabolic rate

-improves insulin sensitivity 

-stimulates glucose uptake into muscle 

-increases nitric oxide production for improved pumps    


It should be noted that neither of these products have any effect on hormonal composition and are safe for both men and women to use without requiring PCT. The combination of a REV-ERB agonist and a PPAR modulator significantly upregulates basal metabolic rate and the ability to positively partition nutrients. Read the respective product descriptions in full.

Primary fat loss stack

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