• Base level coaching

    Every week
    Perfect for beginners needing support and experience.
    Valid for 12 weeks
    • 1 on 1 troubleshooting with guru PED.
    • Training templates to complement compound choices.
    • Nutritional guidelines to support drug protocol.
    • Ongoing analysis of blood markers to ensure safe use.
    • Weekly updates

  • Phasic integration of progressive overload and appropriate compounds for a bulk/cut/recomp

  • Drug-specific diets and training protocols 

  • Psychological guidance with compounds and how to mitigate their effects 

  • Mentorship from experienced individuals

  • How to implement new technology like SARMs, PPAR modulators and REV-ERB agonists.

  • Risk management and mitigation 

  • Fertility preservation whilst using heavy androgens

  • Coming off: how to prep both physically and psychologically



Worried about the safety of performance enhancing compounds? 

Need guidance on how to achieve your goals whilst minimising harm? 

Want to know how to marry an effective diet and training regimen to your cycle protocol?

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transformation 4.jpg

Mark of distinction from traditional coaching:

-empirical metrics, measurable results 


-analysis of blood markers

-nuanced understanding of the many chemical tools available

-ascending levels of intensity in approach

WANT performance enhancing protocols 

WITHOUT steroids? 


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"It is a little known fact that guru PED was my source of knowledge for getting in shape. I would grill him for hours to work out a precise protocol to get shredded without losing size.

The photo you see on the right was a level of conditioning achieved in two weeks on this programming.  I felt and looked the best I ever had at that point. 

To be honest that is about all you would ever need to do to be 'beach ready', and there was much more that could have been done.  That in itself is a goal. Achieve the most with the least, and always keep an ace up your sleeve."  -Oscar Mairs